How to Fix Speaker Issues on Your Android Phone

If your phone is experiencing speaker issues you will need to go through the troubleshooting guide below to identify where the problem is coming from. But first you need to identify the issue. This should be that no sound comes out from the speaker while listening to music, using the speakerphone, playing a game etc.

If you have this issue with your speakers then there are a few things that may have caused this. The headset or other enhancements that your are using may be nonfunctional. A third-party application may cause the speaker to malfunction or the device to be unresponsive, or your device may have experienced some sort of physical or liquid damage. In the later case, the Samsung warranty will not cover the damages.

Troubleshoot speaker issues on Android phones

To fix the speaker issues on your phone, remove all enhancement accessories and headset from the device and perform a test call. Leave a message on your voicemail. Then check your voice messages and playback the test message. If you can hear the message, you will need to replace the headset.

If the problem isn’t yet fixed, then you have to test the external speakers. For this, make a test video clip with audio or record your voice for a few seconds. Then playback the record on your external speakers. If you can hear the audio then the speakers are fine. If not, you should try to perform a factory data reset.

If the problem is still not resolved, you should get your phone checked out at a service center as this may be a hardware issue and you may need to replace the speaker.


  1. jan venken

    My samsung s3 mini sometimes had no sound at all when receiving calls. When ï reboot or remove the battery, the sound functions again. At least for a while. The USB connector seems damaged. After charging the icon indicating the battery is full stays on screen

  2. omidanvari

    Hi dear technician,
    I have a problem with my note4,
    When i try to record an sound track in all time i have a big noise in recorded track, this problem is exist when i use video call.

  3. Avril Evans

    Just got a note 4 and everytime someone fones me I canrt hargle hearthem checked volume checked setting I need help in sorting this problem coz I need to hear them n I carnt put them on loud speaker all the time so I can hear what they ate saying

  4. millissa

    when u need to be hands free you don’t have a head set .you put your phone on speaker but the speaker í not working ?????

  5. Hilary

    I updated the software recently and since then my speakerphone automatically comes on when I make or receive a call and I have to turn it off. Also the rear speaker is so low in volume I miss calls. What can I do to fix this. ..

  6. tracu7

    Have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy s6 ..only can hear every other word ..this is my 5th phone everyone had the same problem

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