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The Lubitel 166U was made by Lomo in Leningrad now St. Petersburg, Russia. The Lubitel is the poor man's twin lens reflex camera. Being made of plastic, it is sometimes lumped into the toy camera category, but it does have a glass lens and other features like several apertures and shutter. Lubitel 166U. 91 likes. La Lubitel 166 è una reflex medio formato economica prodotta nello stabilimento Lomo ex Gmoz di Leningrado ora S. Pietroburgo. That also means you can't use paperless 220 film. From the factory, Lubitel-166U sets include: the camera, a strap, an ill-fitting lens cap, a manual, a cable release, a cardboard box, and a little plastic jewel case with the 6×4.5 masks. There were three versions of Lubitel-166. Lubitel 166 U 1985 Russian medium format camera. Today I am looking at the Russian Lubitel 166U a medium format camera introduced back in 1950 and was based on a design from the 1930's.

09/06/27 · A number of years ago I worked in a lab, one of my co-workers bought a Lubitel 166, it scratched film and tended to have problems with irregular shutter speeds, so if you took 3 shots at same shutter speed, they would each get a slightly different exposure. The Lubitel 166 is Lomography's loving recreation of the Soviet-era classic. It hosts a set of amazing features such as the capability of switching between 120 and 35mm film and aperture/shutter guides. Its unlimited creative possibilities make it an analogue masterpiece. Buy this camera and get 15% off on Lomography films! Keep up to date with all things Lomography! Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about amazing deals, brand new products, and essential creative photography news. Lubitel 166 Universal by Yavuz Kaya 14 4 'George' by Stephen Dowling 48 2 Lubitel 166U. Expired Kodak Tri-X. A cat who used to live in our street who used to invite himself into the house. We called him George. Much later we found out his real name was Albert. by ♔ @ Nibes.

22/04/34 · See also >>> Lubitel 166 - Day Set. Lubitel 166B. Edit. Classic editor History Talk 0 Share. This article is a stub. You can helpby expanding it. Twin lens reflex medium format camera, two objective lenses of the same focal length. One of the lenses is the photographic objective and the other is used for viewfinder system. The two objectives are connected, so. Lomo Lubitel 166 Camera. Shoot like an analogue master with this recreation of the classic Russian twin lens medium-format camera. US$374.90. Add to Cart. New. Lomography Camera Strap - Splash. Take your camera everywhere you go with this stylish blue camera strap.

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