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18/06/33 · It seems that it when it goes in trans failsafe, its only in 4th gear, it could still be driven from centurion to zf. X5 transmission failsafe program 13-09-2012, 05:09 PM P1000 Wrote: Replace the 5 speed with a 6 speed? That means quite a major electronic surgery. Let us know how it came out. my x5 has just started having engine failsafe and trans failsafe popping up on the dash, also the air does not seem cold until you gun it a few tim. 02/07/31 · my bmw x5 4.4 v8 2001 displayed trans failsafe prog twice and later begin to over revving very slow in movement and after parking for a while the movement change to normal however makes a little sound when selecting gear.

موديل السيارة: [ 2006 ] فئة السيارة: [ X5 ] حجم السيارة: [ X5 ] ممشى السيارة: [ 108000 ] Trans failsafe prog السلام عليكم اخوان عندي x5 2006 يطلعلي هذا التحذير Trans failsafe prog من يطلع هذا التحذ. 2003 BMW X5 trans fail safe program. BANKERGUY MEMBER; 2003 BMW X5; Transmission problem. 2003 X5 Bmw Trans. My 2003 X5 Bmw Will Only Take Off From A Stop In Manual Trans Mode, But At About 35 Mph I Can Return To Auto Trans Mode And It Works Fine. Hello, When I Am Driving Suddenly I See Msg "trans. Failsafe Prog." I Turn Off The Car For. Transmission fail safe program - I have a 2002 X5. trans fail safe 1 Answer. Hello! So my BMW x5 2002 keeps showing transmission failsafe program warning. It has a little "bumps" while accelerating and stopping. Anybody has any idea what could be the problem? 2002 BMW X5 3.0i AWD-Maintenance & Repair. 18/04/38 · Q: Transmission failsafe program asked by Mike. on January 16, 2017. My transmission failsafe program message came on my dash. Did a manual reset of the computer didn't work. Changed the battery as well because I read it could be the battery or aletnator that did not work as well. X5. The statements expressed above are only for.

Плюс ко всему начал высвечиваться trans. failsafe prog совместно с дерганьем коробки. Остановишься, заглушишь, подождешь, пока машина заснет, заводишь - нет trans. failsafe prog, но чек горит все-равно.

28/09/36 · Trans Failsafe Prog in 2002 X5 X5 E53 1999 - 2006 well, hello, out there. mom of four in an old x5. and, one of those four, probably the 2 year old is pressing random buttons e.g. dome light, etc. long story short, thank heaven for road side emergency assistance. 01/01/30 · The TRANS FAILSAFE PROG is a default setting to your auto transmission when the computer detects a transmission problem. It could be serious or it could be nothing. The tranny stays in 3d or 4th gear only. Hence, it's very slow off the line. It is intended to allow you to crawl to a dealer for a fix. I had the same problem 9 mos ago on a wet. BMW Automatic Transmission Fail-Safe or Limp Mode Warning Light. February 27, 2013. model: 740iL Hi Otto, I have been watching your videos on YouTube very help full. I have a question what does this mean trans failsafe prog can you help me Thank you very much for your time. X5 07-13 – E70 408 X5 14 on – F15 101.

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